RE-ENERGY CO., LTD. have a group of more than 10 years of professional experience in customized batteries and LED & LCD application team composed specifically for custom-made products to the design of the battery and BSMI Battery and LED & LCD, the scope of products to consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical market Mainly in Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia and other regions.

Battery Agent | Made in Taiwan

RE-ENERGY CO., LTD. has been a leading battery supplier to both independent and national training organizations since 2016. We not only provide a positive contribution to a sustainable development but also preserve a clean earth for the next generation. More, our company provides certified battery with high quality and competitive price. We will continue to be an innovator in both the residential and commercial areas of battery pack, custom rechargeable battery and want our customers to grow with us and move forward.
RE-ENERGY CO., LTD. is a global battery supplier for businesses of today and tomorrow. We realize that our customers are what drive our business, so we do everything in our power to see our partners' success through to fruition. In addition, we have devoted ourselves to serve the clients with our durability, fair price and strong efficiency of certified battery. RE-ENERGY CO., LTD. is a customer-oriented company, for this reason, we assist our customers by facilitating them with products and services integration to exploit battery pack, custom rechargeable battery market and achieve a competitive advantage in their businesses.